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Posted on: September 21, 2008 1:00 am
Edited on: September 21, 2008 10:26 pm
This is will be like Peter King's "Ten Things I Think", because I enjoy his articles a lot.  Any feedback on what the readers think would be appreciated.  I can't promise it'll only be ten things, but definitely a few about each professional sports team in Pittsburgh.

  1. I think if it wasn't for giveaways, fireworks nights, and concerts post game that the Pirates would average less than 8,000 in attendance per game.
  2. I think that when a team's most notable free agent signing is a 36 year old utility player (Chris Gomez anyone???) it says the team will never compete.  Is there hope for the Pirates? Possibly, but with each passing year, I feel like Pirates fans will be like Cubs fans saying "We'll get 'em next year" but next year will last longer than most current Pirates fans (are there any?) live.
  3. I do think that it's Scott Boras behind Pedro Alvarez not signing.  If Alvarez was a man, he would be true to his word and sign the contract.  Scott Boras saw a player chosen after Alvarez get a larger signing bonus and told him not to sign.  When will baseball do what it needs to do and get rid of Boras?
  4. The highlight of the Pirates season has been Nate McLouth.  My only worry is will McLouth be a one hit wonder like Freddy Sanchez???
  5. It appears that the Steelers ownership situation is not in the players minds.  The team has looked dominant.
  6. I think its funny that the media is saying billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller withdrew his $800 million offer to buy the majority shares in the Steelers, he only withdrew the offer after the Rooney brothers told him they were decling his offer. So why doesn't the media say the Rooney's declined his offer?
  7. Limas Sweed needs to step it up.  I thought his issues were solved after the team got him contacts so he could see.  As a second round pick he should at least be dressing for games.  I understand it's hard for a receiver to adjust to the NFL, but without the wrist injury, Sweed would have been a first round pick.
  8. Could all of this Ben Roethlisberger injury talk be the Steelers impersonating the Patriots?  Saying he is injured and playing then causing confusion because of the information available.
  9. I do not think the Penguins will be back in the Stanley Cup this year.  Miroslav Satan is no Marian Hossa, Ruslan Fedotenko is no Ryan Malone, and try as he might Matt Cook is no Jarkko Ruutu.
  10. Why did Ray Shero resign Mark Eaton?  The guy hasn't even played a full season's worth of games in his two seasons in Pittsburgh.
  11. Will this be the year we finally get to see stud prospect Alex Goligoski in Mellon Arena?  With Ryan Whitney out until December, I can see Goligoski playing in Pittsburgh.
  12. Call be crazy, but I see Finnish import Janne Pesonen makin the Pens roster.  He's a better option than most of the players in the AHL like Jonathan Filewich, Ryan Stone and Connor James.
Thats what I think for this week.  Check back next week for new views and news.
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